Kings of Leon – Charmer

What’s my opinion on Kings of Leon? Well I’m glad you asked!

I like their old stuff, don’t like their new stuff, and think this middle-era album (‘Because of the Times’) had its moments. I especially like this track from it – mostly because of those really impressive and rather strange scream/squeals.

Karen O and the Kids – Hideaway

Where the Wild Things Are was a film that left me unsure of whether I liked it or not. I guess the only thing I could say for sure about it is it’s not great and it’s not terrible.

One thing that I didn’t really like was the soundtrack. It’s like Karen O’s voice is too penetrating – it kind of pulls you out of the movie because the songs don’t feel like they’re just there to serve the film.

The flipside of that, however, is that the soundtrack is really good by itself, as hopefully this highlight will prove.