#4: Pink Floyd – Shine On You Crazy Diamond

Best Bit: The wailing duel guitars of the crescendo to the main solo.

Note: Only the patient need apply. Or actually, just go away and come back when you’re feeling more patient. It is 26 minutes long, and is arguably 1 song, 2 songs or 9 of them put together.

Bjork – Who Is It?

More Bjork. This time venturing into her somewhat-later work. It’s a fantastic song. Interestingly, the audio to the video is slightly different to the album – but it’s basically just a bunch of bells added over the top seemingly to fit in with the visuals. I like the more minimal version better, but who am I to question the actions of the Icelandic pixie?

Edit: Actually, the more I listen to this version the less I like it. It actually changes the audio a lot, and part of the appeal of ‘Medulla’ was that it was almost entirely comprised by human voices – this version seems to throw this concept straight out the window. Oh well, from reading the Wiki, it sounds like it was a creative decision rather than a record exec saying “I dunno if this acapella stuff is gonna sell units. You’d better throw some instruments in there.” So I guess that’s something.

French Rockets – Be On Top

A while back I featured a Sleepy Jackson song, and talked about how it was unusual because it opens with a minute-long guitar riff that’s just 1 chord.

Well, that song looks downright conventional compared to this French Rockets tune. It’s 7 and a half minutes of a 1-chord guitar riff.

Yet somehow I still feel like it’s really enjoyable. Do you agree? Or is this just crazy talk?