Farewell and Goodnight

Well, that’s that. I’ve just finished my top 10 songs of all time, and it’s time to bid adieu.

Thanks all for visiting my little blog. Hope you enjoyed the tunes. Feel free to visit my other blog here.

Take care.



I’ve decided to retire this blog in 10 days time (just after its 1st birthday).

To finish with a bang I’ll be counting down my 10 Fave Songs of All Time. Favourite songs lists are probably the most difficult of all to come up with, because there are just so many to choose from and so many of them have meant so much to me at different points in my life, but I will give it a shot … Hope you enjoy!

Oh, and it’d be great to also hear about your own fave songs of all time, so comment away below 🙂

Needy Blogger Asking for Support

Hey there!

So I’ve noticed that my readership has dropped off massively lately. I mean, I’m very happy with the number of followers that I’ve attracted (~150), but the actually views are only 1 or 2 a day at the moment.

I suspect that it’s mostly because I often haven’t kept to my “song a day” thing – sometimes I won’t post anything for ages then dump a backload of songs on here at once to make up for it.

But I’m also wondering if it’s because people just look at the posts come up in their News Feed, and read or click the videos from there rather than going to the blog itself. That’s fine, but I’m hoping to find out if that’s the case, so I don’t feel like I’m just talking to myself.

So …

If you’re reading this and would like the blog to continue can you please let me know by clicking the “Like” button or leaving me a comment.


Radiohead – Karma Police

More karaoke associations. I just performed this song in front of a street of passers-by. All for the chance of winning a free crepe. To get the prize I had to get a score of 90 for the song. My final score? …. 87.8 … So close!!

Deerhoof – The Tears and Music of Love

I only really have one friend that also likes Deerhoof. But we’ve still managed to find something to disagree on. He has said that the album ‘Offend Maggie’ is probably their weakest album, but I found myself really enjoying it. I feel like it captures the sound and vibe of their live show better than any of the other albums I’ve heard. So here’s the opening track from it – an actual live version.

And yes, that intro does sound a lot like All Right Now.