#4: Pink Floyd – Shine On You Crazy Diamond

Best Bit: The wailing duel guitars of the crescendo to the main solo.

Note: Only the patient need apply. Or actually, just go away and come back when you’re feeling more patient. It is 26 minutes long, and is arguably 1 song, 2 songs or 9 of them put together.


I’ve decided to retire this blog in 10 days time (just after its 1st birthday).

To finish with a bang I’ll be counting down my 10 Fave Songs of All Time. Favourite songs lists are probably the most difficult of all to come up with, because there are just so many to choose from and so many of them have meant so much to me at different points in my life, but I will give it a shot … Hope you enjoy!

Oh, and it’d be great to also hear about your own fave songs of all time, so comment away below 🙂